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For the best pet care and veterinary services in Chicagoland you need to call The Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic. Unlike some other animal hospitals, The W. P. Veterinary Clinic is friendly and professional environment, exactly what your pet needs to feel safe and comfortable when your pet needs help the most. The W. P. Veterinary Clinic is the dream and vision of Dr. Jacob Cohen. With specialties in medical, surgical, and general care of all kinds of pets, you can be sure Dr. Cohen can help return your pet to perfect health. No matter the kind of pet or the issue it might be facing, The W. P. Veterinary Clinic is always here to help. At The W. P. Veterinary Clinic we make sure to educate all of our clients about the nature of their pets illness and preventative medicine as a first step to keeping your pet healthy. It is important to us at The W. P. Veterinary Clinic to work with our clients one-on-one to make sure they are informed and comfortable with our veterinarian and veterinary procedure before we begin any treatment. All of us at The W. P. Veterinary Clinic understand the different needs pet and pet owners face in making their choice of veterinarian. We offer only individualized service to guarantee that you and your pet receive the best treatment possible. Lately, we have helped a large number of River North pet owners with their veterinarian and animal hospital needs. If you pet needs to visit the vet, don’t settle for less than the best; choose The W. P. Veterinary Clinic!

River North Veterinarian

River North is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Chicago. River North is located just North of the Chicago Loop, East of the Near North Side, South of Old Town, and West of Streeterville. Originally a largely industrial area with many single room occupancy hotels, River North is now a tourist and night-life hotspot and has become a part of a larger “Downtown” that includes the Loop and the West Loop. There is a large concentration of pet owners in River North compared to other neighborhoods; these pet owners call The W. P. Veterinary Clinic when they need an expert veterinarian or animal hospital they can trust. This is because everyone in River North knows that The W. P. Veterinary Clinic has the very best veterinary services that are always tailored to your pets needs and to be kind to your check book. We offer the most calm and relaxing environment in Chicago, which helps make the entire vet experience enjoyable for you and your pet. So, the next time your pet needs veterinary attention; call The W. P. Veterinary Clinic. We have the best equipment and staff around to help your pet.

River North Vet Clinic

Whenever you visit The W. P. Veterinary Clinic, it is obvious that we focus on the specific needs of you and your pet’s needs. Our full range of veterinary services is the best in the city, and our state-of-the-art veterinary clinic/animal hospital only makes the entire process more comfortable for you and your pet. The W. P. Veterinary Clinic has the technologies and vet experience to heal your pet the first time, saving you the cost of multiple trips and wasted time. Our location in Wicker Park is also ideal if you are living in the River North neighborhood. We aren’t far away! If there should ever be an emergency or life-threatening situation involving your pet, we are nearby and always ready to offer emergency care. To learn more about the many ways our veterinary services can help your pet, call The W. P. Veterinary Clinic to talk to one of our expert vets! We can help you learn what sets our vet services above the rest and get scheduled for a consultation right away. Your pet will be healthier and happier if you call The W. P. Veterinary Clinic. If your pet is ill do not wait any longer- call The W. P. Veterinary Clinic today!

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