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For the most well-respected and high-quality pet care in Chicago, choose The Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic. Unlike some other animal hospitals, we provide a highly professional environment for you and your pet while maintaining a friendly and courteous environment so everyone feels at home. The W. P. Veterinary Clinic is the dream of Dr. Jacob Cohen. Dr. Cohen specializes in all aspects of medical, surgical, dental, and general issues for all pets at any age. No matter your pet or what the condition is of your pet, The W. P. Veterinary Clinic has the solutions. We put client education and preventative medicine first at The W. P. Veterinary Clinic. We work closely with our clients to make sure they are well informed and completely comfortable with the veterinarian and veterinary services we need to provide before we begin. At The W. P. Veterinary Clinic we respect the emotional and financial aspects of pet ownership and that each pet we see has a completely unique set of needs. Recently, The W. P. Veterinary Clinic has come of the aid of many pet owners in Logan Square with veterinarian and animal hospital needs. If your pet needs to see a vet, choose the best in Chicago; choose The W. P. Veterinary Clinic!

Logan Square Veterinarian

Logan Square is a thriving neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago. It is located just north of Humboldt Park, South of Avondale, East of Belmont-Craigin, and west of Lincoln Park. What started as a sleepy suburb of Chicago soon became a very important neighborhood that is a part of the city proper. Logan Square has a diverse landscape today, with many residential buildings and commercial loft spaces. Logan Square is also home to a large number of pet owners on account of wide boulevards and many park spaces. Whenever there is a need for veterinarian or animal hospital, the residents of Logan Square always choose The W. P. Veterinary Clinic. We aren’t chosen because of our location- clients say time and time again that The W. P. Veterinary Clinic offers the best veterinary service in Chicago. We always provide the most comfortable environment for pet and owner that keeps your pet feeling calm and helps with their recovery. If your pet ever requires veterinary assistance, let The W. P. Veterinary Clinic help your pet. All of our staff at The W. P. Veterinary Clinic has the knowledge and training to bring your pet back to flawless health.

Logan Square Vet Clinic

We tailor all of our services to each of our client’s specific emotional and financial needs at The W. P. Veterinary Clinic. By offering a range of professional veterinary services that are flexible to your needs, you can be sure you pet will be back to perfect health in no time- thanks to The W. P. Veterinary Clinic. Our brand new, state-of-the-art veterinary clinic/animal hospital only makes it easier for us to guarantee a successful recovery for your pet. We have all the technology and resources available to us making The W. P. Veterinary Clinic among the premier veterinary service providers in Chicagoland. Our technology and practices will not only save your pet but will save you money! Our location in Wicker Park means that we are never too far away and are easily available in the event of an emergency. To learn more about what The W. P. Veterinary Clinic can do for your pet, call us today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much we can help you too on your next veterinary visit. Your pet will be healthier and you wont believe how inexpensive our veterinary services are at The W. P. Veterinary Clinic. Call us today!

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