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The Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic is known throughout Chicagoland for providing high-quality pet care. Unlike other animal hospitals, The W. P. Veterinary Clinic provides a professional and caring environment- your special pet will feel right at home! The W.P Veterinary Clinic features the talents of Dr. Jacob Cohen. Dr. Cohen is a specialist in all general areas of pet care, including medical, surgical, and dental procedures. No matter the type of pet or the health issues your pet may face, The W. P. Veterinary Clinic can help you through the hard times. At The W. P. Veterinary Clinic, we promote and practice client education and preventative medicine. We work with each of our clients to make sure they are educated and comfortable with their veterinarian and veterinary services before we begin to treat their pet. The W. P. Veterinary Clinic truly understands the practical, financial, and emotional aspects of pet ownership. That is why The W. P. Veterinary Clinic provides highly individualized pet care service tailored to each of our client’s needs. Just recently, we have helped a number of Gold Coast pet owners find the best veterinarian and animal hospital available. If it is time to visit the veterinarian, visit the best in Chicago- The W. P. Veterinary Clinic.

Gold Coast Veterinarian

Gold Coast is one of Chicago’s 200 distinct neighborhoods. Located just north of the Loop, South of Lincoln Park, and east of Old Town, Gold Coast is one of the most prominent and wealthy neighborhoods in the entire city. Gold Coast has been historically known as a location of wealth, and the class and elegance is evident as you drive down any street in the neighborhood. The Gold Coast is a neighborhood that is thriving, with many mansions and historical condominiums and apartment buildings. Gold Coast has a large amount of pet owners compared to other Chicago neighborhoods. Whenever Gold Coast pet owners need more than a reliable veterinarian or animal hospital for their pet, they choose The W. P. Veterinary Clinic. Gold Coast residents know that The W. P. Veterinary Clinic is one of the most respected veterinary clinics in the area. We provide a peaceful, non-threatening atmosphere for your pet to ensure that they heal properly and enjoy their stay. Anytime your pet needs immediate veterinary help, The W. P. Veterinary Clinic can help. We have the skills and experience to restore your pet back to perfect health every time you visit.

Gold Coast Vet Clinic

At The W. P. Veterinary Clinic, our purpose is to provide our clients and patients with excellent customer service while still working within your budget. We have many different veterinary services available for a wide variety of pets that we perform at our brand-new, state-of-the-art veterinary clinic/animal hospital. We have the resources and capabilities to treat your pet the right way the very first time you visit. This is all to help our clients save money on their veterinary clinic visits. Since we are situated in Wicker Park, we are just a short drive away and we are always available in the event of a serious emergency involving your pet. To learn more about The W. P. Veterinary Clinic and what we can do to help your pet, contact us today. You won’t be disappointed! Your phone call will be the first step in making your pet healthier, and all without breaking the bank. Call The W. P. Veterinary Clinic today!

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